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Site is now up and running. Please take a look around and read the rules of Legit. There is a lot to discover and you wont be disappointed.

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PostSubject: RULES OF LEGIT!   Tue May 22, 2012 11:52 pm

General Rules:

-This is a Roleplaying site... Anyone under the age of 18 MUST have parental consent. This is the parental advisory warning: This site may contain violence, suggestive themes and mature themes, crude humor, brief nudity (on members profiles), simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language. If someone under the age of 18 is apart of the site, it will be taken that they have gotten permission to be on here. Therefore the Admins are NOT responsible for any material members are exposed to that is listed above.

-Respect the opinions of all the other members. No disrespect of any kind will be tolerated. If you have problems with a member try to work out these problems amongst yourselves before consulting an administrator.

-You are responsible for whatever happens on your account, so do not give out your password to anyone.

-Notify an administrator if you are going to be away from the forum for and extended period of time so your accounts can be saved. Accounts will be deleted after extended periods of inactivity (a month or more)

-Unless stated by the admins, members are allowed to have an unlimited amount of original characters and 5 celebrity characters. Owning more than the allotted amounts will result in all characters being deleted or given to someone else. If you are on the same IP as another member, mail staff for permission. Please make accounts for characters if possible. Do not request more characters then you are able to play. Only admin can appoint you to temporarily play a celebrity character(no account required for temporary characters)

-Profile images with nudity, profanity, or otherwise offensive images will be removed if it suggest a theme that is in poor taste (porn and child porn, abuse, etc), and may result in your account being suspended or deleted. If you are unsure about something……ASK!!!!

-On this site we speak in third person(past tense). It’s easier to understand what’s going on if we all post the same.

-Please check your posts for spelling and grammar errors. We understand if it’s late and you are tired, but try to keep it under control.

-Signature and animation limit is three of each kind and try to keep them at a decent size. Please don't force us to create standards to follow. We want everyone to be creative as possible. Please ask if you have any questions.

-Ask a person to do a topic with you before you post it(unless its a universal topic. Make sure all characters are okay with a storyline before you post it. If you only want a topic between you and certain people please post character names in the description box.

-Please reply and post topics with the character account used in the topic (unless more than one of your characters are in that scene then using one account is fine or you are working between two separate topics but try as much to use the right character account)

-Try not to have all the same character type. We want dynamics here so more ideas can flow. Having the same character can get boring at times.

-Do not create a character related to someone in any way (sibling, boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter) without asking that person first. If the person you want your character to date is not currently registered, label your character as single until they are registered

-Create the profiles for your characters as soon as they are accepted. You are not allowed to roleplay unless this is done. (Only for OC's, please google/wiki celebrities bios)

-We understand this is not the only RP site you play on, but Admin has issued a decree that no other sites are to be advertised here without consent from an admin, not a moderator. We are kind enough to offer one (1) warning for those that accidentally infringe on this rule (This includes other site links and names in: Mail, Comments, Forums). After that, all infractions will be reported and your account will be up for suspension or banishment. (A section is there for only Admin to add approve sites to. You must mail admin with the form***filled out***located in Affiliates. Failure to do so and your request to have your site posted will be denied.)

-Do not spam the staff's mailboxes. If you have a problem, message ONE of them ONCE. Your problem will be dealt with in a timely manner, but do not mail repeatedly, or mail multiple staff members.

-Do not harass other members. Use common sense on this one- if you do not know when you're crossing the line from fantasy into harassment, assume that you are harassing the other player. This will not be tolerated, and will result in a stiff punishment.

-Common sense rules are not posted here. If you cannot determine the difference between what is okay and what is not, you should consider not interacting with other people until you do understand.

-If you are in violation of rules and and you have been banned or had your account suspended, any and all topics, profiles, photos and such will be removed.

-These rules are subject to change without notice. Please check them from time to time as ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.

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